Personal Advising

Joan Sharp has a mission to Change the Conversation from Money to Vision for individuals and families to support their values, life experiences, legacy, and wealth.


Financial Life Planning

The Financial Life Planning process is an in-depth, emphatic discovery process that we use to uncover our clients’ most important life goals. Our Life Planning is grounded in our training at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning®. Joan Sharp is a registered Life Planner® trained by the Kinder Institute in the Life Planning process.


Transitions Planning

Transitions can be any life change such as divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, inheritance, retirement, sale of a business, heath issues, or other life events. Financial Transitions Planning provides guidance, perspective, and organization to help our clients make wise choices during transitions. Joan Sharp is a Certified Financial Transitionist® and a member of the Mastery Program at the Sudden Money® Institute.


Family Advisors

Many families have an understanding of their values and principals as they relate to their heritage and future legacy. But when left unspoken, there is often a lack of clarity among family members, which can make specific decisions difficult. We work with families to help them articulate their vision, and apply it to plans and decisions. Joan Sharp is a Kolbe Certified Consultant.


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Coordination & Oversight

River Family Advisors LLC does not manage money. Instead we work closely with your existing financial advisors or money managers. We still use a disciplined traditional financial planning process to ensure that money is managed to support life and purpose. For each client, we complete a rigorous Financial and Cash Flow Planning process.