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Joan Sharp Joan Sharp founded River Family Advisors to fill a void she saw in the financial planning sector. As her career develops, Joan continues to see that individuals make choices based on money, ingrained through a variety of family and social pressures, that sometimes results in unhappiness. But Joan…

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When one family member has a change in life it effects the other members of the family. Change can be stressful for individuals and families, and often families that are experiencing significant change can become overwhelmed and operate below their normal capacity. Preparing for changes in advance, and guidance through the financial decisions that must be made, will help families move through the transition more easily.

At River Family Advisors, we are skilled and trained to understand individual and family dynamics during changing times. We can calm the overwhelmed, help to avoid regrettable financial decisions, and make life and family more comfortable and enjoyable. We believe in collaborating with other relevant family advisors to support clients in all areas of their lives.

Families and individuals realize financial security, success, and clarity by working with River Family Advisors LLC. We combine transition and life planning with financial architecture in a personal, confidential, and professional capacity.

Money is often what we verbalize but not the reason.

~ Joan Sharp ~


Financial Life Planning

The Financial Life Planning process is an in-depth, emphatic discovery process that we use to uncover our clients’ most important life goals. Our Life Planning is grounded in our training at the Kinder Institute of Life Planning®. Joan Sharp is a registered Life Planner® trained by George Kinder in the Life Planning process.

Transitions Planning

Transitions can be any life change such as divorce, death of a spouse or loved one, inheritance, retirement, sale of a business, heath issues, or other life events. Financial Transitions Planning provides guidance, perspective, and organization to help our clients make wise choices during transitions. Joan Sharp is certified as a Financial Transitionist® and a member of the Mastery Program at the Sudden Money® Institute.

Family Advisors

Many families have an understanding of their values and principals as they relate to their heritage and future legacy. But when left unspoken, there is often a lack of clarity among family members, which can make specific decisions difficult. We work with families to help them articulate their vision, and apply it to plans and decisions. Joan Sharp is a Kolbe Certified Consultant.

Coordination & Oversight

River Family Advisors LLC does not manage money. Instead we work closely with your existing financial advisors or money managers. We still use a disciplined traditional financial planning process to ensure that money is managed to support life and purpose. For each client, we complete a rigorous Financial and Cash Flow Planning process.


Life Planning and Transitions Planning are the most dynamic changes in the Financial Industry in decades. Both types of planning involve adding specific process to address the human side of change versus only concentrating on the money—the numbers—because they are concrete and easily definable. Reframing the way we look at all our assets is an important step to enabling life’s vision to become a reality.

We believe the need to achieve true happiness rests on making aspirations a reality, living lives fully, and building relationships we value.

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